Green Heavy Line by Grønborg Line

Grønborg Line showcased the Green Heavy Line at the DanFish International fishing exhibitions i Aalborg on the 9th to 11th of October 2013. The segment shown on TV2 Nord can be found here:

Press release:

Jørgen Grønborg with his new procudt, Green Heavy Line

Green heavy line protects the marine environment

The Danish producer of fishing equipment, Grønborg Line, has developed a new lead free line for industrial fishing. The product, which has been under development for several years, opens up a range of new, environmentally friendly perspectives for the fishing industry, as well as for a range of other industries needing a stable and lead free alternative to current solutions.

As in many other industries, the fishing business has recently set out for a more sustainable course with the purpose to ensure our marine environment in the future.

Among the new initiatives is the ambition to discontinue the use of lead in fishing equipment. Already a legal requirement in Denmark, several other countries may implement similar legislation as well within the foreseeable future.

Jørgen Grønborg has been selling a variety of ropes, lines and other products to the Danish and international fishing industry for nearly 20 years, and with his newly developed product it is his hope that the fishing industry as well as a number of other industries will see the possibilities the Green Heavy Line offers.

Good news for the fishing industry
- There is no doubt that our new heavy line will benefit the fishing industry, especially the sea fish farming, which these days account for an estimated 55 percent of our consumer fish. Sea fish farming could benefit from Green Heavy Line, primarily due to its environmental friendliness and secondly because it matches the current solutions which uses lead on both the usability and cost, according to Jørgen Grønborg.

The line itself consists of a flexible and very heavy core, which is made of granulate encased by a plastic membrane. The line is produced in one unbroken piece, which can be delivered in exactly the length required.

The weight depends on the diameter of the line. So far it can be delivered in weight units measuring between one and two kilograms per meter. For use in e.g. seine fishing an extra heavy line is available, combining the core material of Green Heavy Line with zinc, making possible a total weight of up to ten kilograms per meter.

Even though the material is heavy, it is as flexible as an ordinary garden hose, and because the main raw material is a recycled bi-product, this new environmentally friendly line is only marginally more expensive than the traditional lines containing lead. Furthermore the relative density of the core is close to that of lead making the Green Heavy Line only is a few millimetres wider than traditional lines and therefore similarly easy to handle.

A wide range of uses
Jørgen Grønborg expects the new product to be of great use within areas such as offshore and other industries replacing many of the current solutions. He also imagines that the line could be used when laying out pipelines with water supplies to the Norwegian islands.

- At this point it is hard to imagine all the possible uses of the environmentally friendly line. For instance, the plastic membrane, which surrounds our line contains no phthalates and is approved for the use in food production, thus it meets the standards of all food directives. Furthermore, the granulate in the core of the line is a reusable bi-product from the metal industry, thus giving the product a low environmental footprint, Jørgen Grønborg says.

Norwegian recommendation
Green Heavy Line, which is produced in Denmark, is ready to enter not only the Danish market, but also the rest of the world's fishing nations. Particularly Norway and the rest of our neighbouring countries would be important initial markets. Partly because these countries have long traditions as large fishing nations, but also because Grønborg Line already has well established trade relations with Norwegian companies.

At one of Norway’s leading producers of fishing equipment, A.S. Fiskevegn, they are ready to include the new Danish invention in their range of quality products. Jakob Hals, responsible for markets at A.S. Fiskevegn, states:

- We are looking very much forward to be able to present an environmentally friendly alternative to the existing solutions. We have followed the development of this new heavy line and we have continuously tested it. We have been working with this product and we have handled it during braiding, and we are confident that we now have a good and flexible product, which at the same time is useful in order to protect the marine environment.


¤ Grønborg Line is a Danish company, established in 1994 by Jørgen Grønborg.

¤ Besides the new, environmentally friendly Green Heavy Line, Grønborg Line's products include several types of rope, zinc weights, wires, equipment for long line fishing and a specially developed floating line, which also is an invention of Jørgen Grønborg’s.

¤ Grønborg Line is selling directly to reputable net makers and trawl workshops in Denmark and throughout Europe.

¤ You can find more information about the products of Grønborg Line here: and about Green Heavy Line here: - Grønborg Line - Vægtervej 2, 9300 Sæby, Denmark